Helika – AcroYoga

Helika brings acro yoga to life as dynamic performance art, based on a foundation of strength, balance, trust, imagination, and playfulness. Drawing on inspiration from music, dance, and classical strength training, the duo fully embraces the odd, the breathtaking, and the radically vulnerable aspects of creativity, drawing audiences into a world that is just a little bit stranger, and a little more connected. Through acro yoga, Helika explores the possibilities that emerge when we move beyond the mundane, and invites the audience along for the journey.

Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Helika combines the duo’s diverse performance backgrounds; Cassandra, a classical pianist, and Sean a former professional wrestler. Both are committed to the exploration of movement both as an art and as a lifestyle, and the resulting partnership pushes creative and physical limits. Rosebuds Burlesque allows Helika to explore the saucier side of acro, from partnered strip tease, to cheeky acro flows.