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Join a class and get your sexy on!

New SPRING classes!

Level 1 Intro to Burlesque starts Thurs April 6th 8:30pm $105 for 6 weeks

Continued Burlesque Studies starts Thurs March 9th 7:30pm $105 for 6 weeks

Ballet Burlesque Fusion starts Tuesday March 21st 7:30pm $140 for 8 weeks


Class descriptions

Burlesque Level 1: Thursdays 8:30pm An introduction to the art of the “tease” including glove and stocking peels, parasols and fans, pastie making workshop, boa techniques, tassel twirling and the art of the striptease. $105 – 6 weeks

Burlesque Level 2: Thursdays 7:30pm A continuation of level 1, this class focuses on character development and choreographic techniques. For the more advanced student who is looking towards creating new works and furthering technical practices. $140 – 8 weeks

Beginner Ballet/Burlesque Fusion  – Tuesdays 7:30pmThis introductory class will focus on the development of grace and elegance through basic ballet techniques. Non- Burlesque Dancers are also welcome. Please have a pair of socks or ballet slippers and come dressed to move. $140 – 8 weeks

Burlesque Group Routines – Sundays 7:30pm Learn a fun and easy piece of choreography by Headmistress Purr each term and get a chance to perform at one of the Rosebud Burlesque special events! No experience required. $140 – 8 weeks

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