Roxie’s Big Break : further studies in the Debutante Prep Class

Hello again Diary darling!

As you know, I have been very busy preparing for my grand debut at the Rosebud Academy. I have my entrance perfectly planned, and last class we began work on floor plans. 

Of course, as you know, I am an expert at floor plans. How could I be anything else with my natural gift for theatre and interior decorating?? 

Anyway, normally one of my floor patterns looks like this:

Which I thought was perfectly reasonable. However, Headmistress Cherripop Purr suggested I use a “storyboard” method instead to keep things more “organized”. 

Each number represents and “event” in the routine — an event being anything from a change in accouterments to a particular action that must occur at a certain point. I still like my way better, but Poof Poof ate my original, so I suppose I will have to muddle through somehow. Silly kitty. 

Love love,


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