Roxy’s debutante experience: Challenges and Triumphs

Hello, diary! Just some quick thoughts before our peer reviews on Sunday about what I am struggling with, and what I enjoy on my road to stardom. 

Things I find challenging: 

  • Sewing
  • Wearing shoes
  • Not singing to my music while dancing
  • Keeping my eyes open while dancing
  • Making interesting faces while dancing
  • Keeping pace with my music
  • Integrating lewd elements into my performance
  • Nerves!

Things I find rewarding: 

  • Gluing
  • Successfully wearing three inch heels
  • Watching the other girls develop their performances
  • Seeing everyone’s costumes develop
  • Figuring out how I can get more bang for my buck while costuming
  • Integrating surprises into my outfit
  • Developing a final view of what I’d like my piece to look like 
  • Making it all the way through my routine without falling over
  • Violent finales and making a big mess . . .

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