Miss-Education testimonials

Saskatoon Miss-Education Burlesque Training Weekend

Testimonials from 2018!

“I love being able to fully express myself and to feel creative, vibrant and connected with those around me”

“Burlesque Community will support me even when I’m not feeling very good about myself and my performances”

“I feel embraced, accepted and supported. Very much a family experience”

“I love the collaborated creativity, the individual personality types & characters. I love the working together & acceptance by everyone. The classes are very insightful & inspiring. It’s wonderful to share the passion of Burlesque with other like minded people.”

“Burlesque has introduced me to so many wonderful creative individuals within my home community & beyond. There’s so much encouragement and positivity. I love meeting new people & I hope I exude the same encouragement & positivity to others.”

“Celebrating my body for how it is; is something I’ve been gaining from Burlesque. Being surrounded by people who want to build you up and not change you is a special part of this community I have found. I’ve been able to explore a side of myself that is strong and empowered rather than silly & playful & that means a lot to me also.”

“The open-mindedness and thoughtfulness behind the work is a direct reflection of the wonderful humans involved in our community.”

“I have nothing but love for this community. The opportunity to come together and learn and share skills is amazing. Most amazing is the connection you develop together as a community and family.”

“I’m not very comfortable being seen. I spend most of my time trying to blend in and be normal, something I’m not very good at. Burlesque gives me a place to figure out who I am, to be seen and celebrated for who I am, not who I try to be.”



The Saskatoon Prairie Girls Miss-Education Weekend 2018 is an educational and social gathering for emerging and established burlesque performers from Canada and beyond. It is brought to you by the Rosebud Burlesque Club

We endeavor to bring together top notch instructors, presenters and facilitators to provide a weekend chock full of learning and fun for the greater burlesque community! We will focus on skill building and sharing, personal development and the enhancement of the burlesque field in artistic quality. The Miss-Education Weekend will take place at the Free Flow Dance Centre 224 25th St. W. Saskatoon. 2017 Dates TBA

A complete and detailed workshop list will be provided as soon as we have confirmed our special guest instructors.


Hotel information

The Holiday Inn Express is a stone’s throw away – walkable in less than 4 minutes.


The Ramada is also within a 10 minute walk of the dance centre


We do not recommend that you stay at the Northgate hotel as it has a bad reputation. It is super cheap but also questionable – You have been forewarned.

We will be negotiating a corporate rate at both hotels and will have details about room prices shortly.


For more information please contact burlesque@sasktel.net or by phone at 306-665-5998.