Phone a friend! Boom Boom Boas!

A couple of weeks back, I got the chance to attend the “Boom Boom Boa” class at the studio (although I missed the first ten minutes because train >.<  Darnit Idylwyld,). Now I love boas — I think they are a lot of fun, and there is a lot of very cool things you can do with them. My favorite is to swirl them around like a gymnast with a ribbon, because I never got over the gymnastics class my mom pulled me out of when I was five (although after the class my new favorite might be snapping them like a whip). As the Headmistress is always showing us, boas can also be very sensual, suggestive things. How can something so classy-fun also have the potential to be so delightfully vulgar? Just one of many of the enticing contradictions of burlesque.

But what was even more fun than being at the boa class, was being at the boa class with a friend from outside of the Rosebud sphere! I will here name her Hot Toddy, for lack of a certified burlesque name, and because we are members of the Coalition for Making Todds Famous. (Seriously, are there *any* famous Todds anyone out there can think of? We feel badly for them).

Hot Toddy had had a chance to enjoy naughty bingo back in March, and got comfortable with the Free Flow Space and the sorts of (often weird and wonderful) activities that go on in it. When I mentioned there was a boa one-nighter upcoming we decided to take it together and catch up on a little bonding time.

So what are the thoughts of a newcomer on an evening of bumping, grinding, and floating feathers? Toddy was kind enough to sum the experience up for me in the following quote:

It was fun, relaxed. Made new friends. Was able to see different possibilities in myself. It felt like a new club. Like when I joined Frisbee [Hot Toddy is a kickbutt Ultimate player, so you can imagine the sorts of things her body would be capable of in the burlesque ring 😉 She was great at this workshop! ] everyone wanted to include you in everything. . . New lingo. It was exciting to see you and the other girls in their element. Being creative. Seeing people think up new ideas — costume ideas, new ways to see themselves and new ways to move their bodies!! Made me want to be more involved and go to more events!!  It was all new, and there was so much. A full tasting of burlesque. My head was jam packed when I left! Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me xoxo!
 I think she had fun. I know I did. The whole room was full of smiles by the end. And while the Headmistress did  throw a lot of information our way ( the allotted hour-and-a-half didn’t quite get us through all the intricacies of putting together a full bump-and-grind boa piece. I blame train.) , I think I came away with enough in terms of impressions, ideas, and new skills to shape my future performances. What I love most about burlesque is that, while learning good technique is fun, and opens up what you are capable of, it is also a forum in which you often, ultimately, just wind up doing what feels good to you. Hitting that groove when you are feeling good in yourself and exploring your own potential (as Hot Toddy pointed out), is a big part of what its all about. I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in finding and exploring their own burlesque groove to sign up for the next Burlesque Level One class starting on May 29th!


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