Bloom – a spring concert!

Join the Rosebuds and friends as they celebrate spring with another fabulous and frisky show!
$20 advance tickets
$25 at the door
Doors open at 7pm Show at 8pm RUSH seating.
Contact for tickets
Or see your favourite performer!
224 25th St. W.
Age 19+ with photo ID

MC Mr. Phonenix
Maid Aqua Sunsparkle
Bob the Butler

Performances by

Butt Mitzfah
The Rosebud Academy
Frankie Fine – Debutant
Tastiee Tealgood – Debutant
Shannon Mallory
Lucy Dickhardo
T n A freak show
Zar Redlips Phoenix
Janelle Pewapsconius
Andy Phucter
Scarlett Foxx
Mila Macabre

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